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Izumi Uehara

上原いずみ | Izumi Uehara

Izumi-chan has nice eyes and feels like a mess. It was a pity that the lighting was too bright despite being a good woman. It seems that small milk and big nipples are unpleasant ... It's a beautiful person! It would be unbearable if such a person caressed the whole body. I think it was good that there was also cuteness such as the scene of attaching rubber while blowjob. Fair skin is also good. If you have a little more boobs, it's a perfect body. Oh, this hair is bristle. It can be erotic, but it's subtle. A naturally good woman! The treatment of the lower hair is also natural (laughs) That voice is cute, and I got it with a pick-up, a girl who feels like a good woman. Such a girl who doesn't seem to be there. Let me tell you one thing ... The shooting light is too bright! I was an older sister actress a long time ago, but I didn't know it. As with the looks, it was nice to have a slightly naughty older sister, but as the play progressed, the bristles became exposed, and the tension dropped considerably. Personally, I don't have any hair that grows up to anal. Izumi-chan, slender body with white skin, small breasts, a nice smiling face, good talk, excellent sensitivity, nipple licking / cunnilingus makes the body tingle, and electric massager ЮЮ makes a loud cry and the facial expression is spectacular. , The reaction is wonderful in the production, the reaction is wonderful, the pant voice is painfully opened and the body is twisted and it is alive many times, even if you cramp and call out, you can not reply immediately It was a good work with a fast tempo and a lot of variety.  Click here for more information on Izumi Uehara

(Japanese people) 上原いずみの無修正動画を見る

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