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Yu Aizawa

相沢優 | Yu Aizawa

Yu-chan, OL figure, is cool. I was knocked out by a low-angle shot with no panties and fishnet tights. It is said that it has not been released, but it is a little unsatisfactory because it is a blowjob stop. From the beginning to the end, I'm wearing a suit and I'm not naked. For the black pantyhose in the second half, I think it was better to have shorts visually and in terms of excitement. It's a matter of personal habits, so I can't say it's good. There is only an unreleased series, and there is no production, so it may be incomplete combustion. I was excited about the appearance of fishnet tights, but the content was a little unsatisfactory, and I wish I had more local ups. Black striped suit, tight mini, black fishnet tights, style looks good, I don't like pie bread, so I'm sorry Yu-chan is very cute. The pie bread pussy Φ is also very beautiful. The content is the first part, so I think it's a little restrained. Slut style actor is also good. The fishnet tights amplify the peculiarity. I wonder if there was a second part. I would like to see if there is one. Deta --- Paipan Omeko! !! !! Let's see it, if you get excited, is it just a blowjob and footjob? No entanglement, sorry! But I was impressed by the shaved pussy seen from the fishnet tights! !! Yu-chan's filthy work, black suit and black pantyhose are good to bring out the charm ~ Shaved pussy Φ Fully open footjob makes me want to dedicate my dick. It's okay to have a tsundere-like feeling, but I want a scene with a penis in Paipanmanko Φ. Yu-chan is really cute.  Click here for more information on Yu Aizawa

(Japanese people) 相沢優の無修正動画を見る

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