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Aiko Iijima (飯島愛子)

I am embarrassed a little and show cute gesture. Is the style not good, too? ◎DESHITA. I am very pretty and am a favorite. The style decreases by one ☆ for a kecak man with ordinariness. A face hardens, and a play is the feeling of the way half still more awkwardly. Because it is slender, and the form of the breast is good, I am disappointed, and a ... face hardens and a play is awkward and is a feeling called the way mid-still more. Because it is slender, and the form of the breast is good, Aiko should have increased AV appearance in comparison with disappointed ..., Sakura edition on those days and knows it. The sexual intercourse while I am embarrassed a little is good. However, I want to follow the correspondence that it is a speech skill of the supervision to be wonderful, and adaptation to circumstances. Concerning Muranishi work, it is this evaluation. As for his work, I feel sorry for an actress. After all Aiko Iijima is No1. There is no work which an actor is so envious of. It does not slip off, and still AV is strangely different from the incompetent amateur conclusively. Style, looks, OMANNKO Φ, expression and all of serious degrees are the best. Surely the character will be good, too. It is only disappointing that there is little work number. Is there not anymore the work unknown elsewhere? I retire, and how will I be now? It is the first on the list of an actress wanting you to return to the AV world as a mature woman. Though it is not correct, the middy and skirt has good style. I look good with the Ai sailor, too. A style is a favorite actress. Is pretty; ate it, and the style was good, too, but I wanted an upsurge a little more. The nice beautiful milk wants to hug the middy and skirt of Aiko at the best on a Kaai KUTEYIYINE ... firm body. Aiko is pretty; shin ... The style is good, too and looks good with the uniform, too. The figure which push out buttocks, and is blamed in a vibrator is good; shin ... It is the NOOMEKO scene during rare menstruation. Eroticism SAGA comes a little though it may be KIXTUTSUYI if I look. It shows the scene to enlarge by hand so good, and DL3 NOOMEKOWO is GOOD. When she made her debut, it was unexpected that indeed the AV actress who jumped into fame in the doubles of AV actress came out. Because the play is higher in a GATI degree than the head family, and the body does not feel quality of being an artifact, was seen as such, but when it is in now, a picture is bad, and the contents are half-done; shin, ... The former eroticism is good, but it is good whether you are pretty with the middy and skirt of Aiko Iijima this time. Pretty Aiko, a firm body are good. Sensitivity is good and there are part up, deep kiss and can enjoy it. I did not need the up of the kecak man. But it is not crowded other than it! It is ..., kecak MANNKAYO, ... in Aiko Iijima being pretty. Must not photograph it on a day of the menstruation; YO, ... It is the few work which lasted. . It is an actress liking most Chikami NAYINE construction. Aiko is pretty. The style is a well perfect body, too. Ai, straw-basket re-! A uniform is unfair! The sexual intercourse that seems to be healthy is attractive!  Click here for more information on Aiko Iijima

(Japanese people) 飯島愛子の無修正動画を見る

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