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Jun Kusanagi (草凪純)

It wants to be said immorality ... Jun. It is an ideal immorality partner. But the reality is ..., YINAYIYONE ~. WU ... Do it, and burst; and ... Somebody ... The mature woman shows good sex appeal. SHITAOXTUPAYITOOMANNKO Φ is the best carefully. Setting, a face, a body, an atmosphere are old. Tension does not go up if too old. Is it the work which is last-minute in various meanings? body where is near the expiration date rape the rubber of the pattern now...Is it kana ~ which does not collect to an enthusiast? Even if rubber does a mature woman in raping it in a deserted hot-spring hotel smelling of the Showa, an excitement SHIMASENNNEMOWUKONO actress is a pass! The chest which hung down, poor-looking buttocks. It is not worth it if I look. It is a woman, but can cover it by dynamic sexual intercourse of an actor. It is a great powerful piston. Is it 1,000,000HP? I am born and want to take place of such a man if that the uncle can do it. Was taken care of very much before,; but ... That you had passed the eroticism SANO peak was a very disappointing work. It is a perfect body or is surely so. It is young KEREBANAXA a little more. I will be popular with mature woman fans. It is the work which a mature woman enthusiast can be satisfied with for some reason though an evaluation of other one seems to be low. If mature women pro-neatness like it; all the more! Jun beautiful woman DEOMANNKOMO was clean. The spouting was good, but rubber was the element that raping it was not good. The mature woman does not accept it personally. I think that it was good, the face is a woman and the breast is sauce and there is not having a firm it and should not overdo it to a body anymore in old days? Next of the outdoor bath where I come out in a more beautiful room if a room uses old, messy ... Jun Kusanagi with much effort, and the dirtiness of the pure NO eroticism SAYORI room beats is the mother who is sexual intercourse in a room. Proprietress SANNTOZIゅXTUPORI with the sex appeal, BAKOBAKO. It is a hot spring and wants to see it. Mmm. Became ripe; but the sex appeal is more characteristic whether sulk with full ripeness, and pull it a little further. A mature woman hot spring story is a thing and is eroticism eroticism with the atmosphere that is a Jun Kusanagi adult. I outran you, and there was not wherever free of charge basically. I think that it became more tasteful than Jun of the youth when ..., a gasp voice was hard rather than a mature woman, but will rubber be any kind of thing? It is not for KIGA regret only for the actress with the image of straight HAME following a previous work with rubber; the work with the rubber is a delivery unnecessary personally. The person concerned receives our this evaluation seriously and as 止 MERUBEKIDA Jun Kusanagi is a favorite actress, it is very much sweet NO evaluation, but gets old markedly in comparison with a previous work as it is written other fans. Is it how to take picture of? While taking a bath; therefore? The TO question was left, it was not necessary to divide a work of this level into the previous latter part? The how one looks in the picture that was a mature woman with the sex appeal was bad, but thought that there was fascinatedness. AXTURAXTURA, YAXTU TIゃYIMASHITANE. Though both an actress and the setting were good, it has become a dull work. It is thought that bold eroticism lives together with shyness to a mature woman, but half-finished expression NINATIゃXTUTA mind does both here. As well as the first part, I wanted to see the love scene of the bathroom to miss it. A hot spring does not come out to the latter part. The work which should make the end only in the first part. I was slightly sorry that actress SANNXTUDAKENI where there were many works which I liked plenty was too ordinary so far. The rubber charge account insertion is not no matter how good despite a mature woman. Is straight HAME not common sense without middle soup stock now? It is Jun who supported AV world, but I am slightly sorry ... that the former brightness has dropped a shade as a mature woman. Is the side considering not to be the story that pushed the lewdness of the mature woman on the front hard; ...? Success already wants to bloom. It is erotic as ever (nice ≧∇≦ )ъ!) and DESU. A style is good for a mature woman and. I am very sorry that there was not the life unusually. Though I am more beautiful, as for OMANNKO Φ, the face feels age. I could never see KUNNNI, too and was able to be never excited because it was rubber. By extremely normal linkage, there is not much the rubber DATO highlight to rape, besides. I want you to have excited contents. It is the front line from the time that was Queen of the AV? It is Jun doing its best. But having it pulls form and the rubber of the chest a little. It is H, 良 YIDESUNE- in a hot spring. The yukata is good, too. I am sorry very much. There is not even mind to perform of DL. Is the one that was predominant in a generation with the constriction in old days,; but after all is ... in a year. A young daughter is preference personally. Is it a route change from now on? I think about a disease, and a middle soup stock seal is disappointing. As a plan is good, I expect it to a product on the next time.  Click here for more information on Jun Kusanagi

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