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Hikaru Ayami (綾見ひかる)

A face is very pretty and feh and othersthio is good and was able to be excited, but likes the that a body is tightened a little more personally. The model is splendid, but the result of the work is lacking in an impact a little recently. When I have it, I suck a tongue, and the one that let you breathe it is super more erotic. In addition, I think that I should let an actress experience the physical whole (from a face to a foot) without blaming only an actor. I expect it to a product on the next time. I did woman excellence and did costume 良 and did E XTUTI 良 and blamed you for the excellence product spoilt child series that there was not of words and the dissatisfaction properly and was able to enjoy it. Is it regrettable that the looks of the actress was preference and a hair's breadth? Because it was perfect, as for the style, the looks of the hair's breadth is really regretted by picture-colored ◎ Kei if everybody is wisteria ◎ baby or AV. Because I was able to be satisfied substantially, I thought whether the high evaluation was all right. I think that contents are inferior to a previous work. There is the place such as the 3P (three plays) straight public performance, but feels like the play contents are short in concentration for some reason. It may be said that there is not ferra, outrunning you, and it is with a low evaluation for the preference of the actress as an evaluation. I want you to make a little heavier work. I expect the first half in interesting development and looked, but, in the latter half, does an actor remain? In this, charm of an actress is reduced to half. I understand what I want to pack in various ways, but want you to think about constitution a little more. She whom the feeling that I have said and one's body awfully synchronize. A difference considerably occurs in Tsukuriki whether you regard this as a performance. Because they do not see it with a camera, surely are senses different? But it is true. I let TO is a saying place and throb all the time. I try one's auction hard if I can make a bid for this because I have bid it for clothes prepared for her. Though it was a child having a cute 応援頼 chest ☆, is it good in BU XTUKAKERARERUTOTIょXTUTO ..., the spoilt child series to there? (笑) look at the intricate design, and shine; is too pretty. An expression of the SEXTU KUSU middle is very unbearable. I keep outrunning you. I look, and an intricate design shows cute HIKARUTIゃNNHA absurdity. DEMANNKOHA pubic hair excellent at a style is beautiful with pinkness thinly. Soup stock during the life of the latter half is well powerful, but I pat the BU XTUKAKEHA unpleasantness to her face, and the contents are unnecessary, too. It is a pretty child, but is it an infant figure? For my preference, I want the breast a little more. Pretty. I can permit being what doing. I felt like having watched a feature of ancient Reiko Hayama in the expression that seemed to be uneasy.  Click here for more information on Hikaru Ayami

(Japanese people) 綾見ひかるの無修正動画を見る

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