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Kana Aizawa (愛沢かな)

Kana, pale-complexioned delicate small-sized beautiful milk. I endure that I redden a face in the public performance, and "WU-NNWU-NN" and YO KUTE voice come out, and the expression of the face which I close my eyes, and puts an eyebrow is good. I catch a sheet when pushed up intensely and do a face in back and a missionary position red-hot and bend a neck and am in agony and live and have convulsions. Silence was good and did my best from beginning to end. But greed for conquest is met the one that cried aloud without being able to endure it as for the last. The work which does not know how I may evaluate it. Is it good for one for real RORI? Is it tuna HAWAZATONANNDESHIょWUKAXA? ? The urination was excited! It was hard to watch the play. The me RORI system is not good enough. There are too few this daughter reactions, and even therefore some performances that are no correction AV want in particular you to pant. Is RORI profound? Do not like RORI,; but is sometimes 良 YIKAMODESU. In addition, there is a feeling of rial and thinks that it is unbearable in favorite. A reaction of the kana is light; ... It was me in hope of intense RORI, but I am sorry ... NANNTIゅWUKA ... How about that there is not too a reaction although put its heart and soul into RORI how much; ...? After all I realized it some other time when the AV of adult was good for me. Kana of RORIRORI is right unbearable. Good beautiful milk. May it be an amateur-like that there are few reactions? An evaluation seems to be divided. I am excited to lick urination and ANARU. Unfortunately I cannot be excited. Co-WO where eroticism has neither the interest nor the reaction is a work playing with. The Homo sapiens liking like that takes it. It is a RORI face, but, by beautiful milk, there is hair. Because I liked baibans by beautiful milk, I was slightly disappointed. When this face thinks of a crime or the cause in a crane peta-baiban, I pull it, but am a work safe tightly slightly. What real work DESHIょ, the feeling that only a body really confines a mature child to. Though I thought whether RORI enters plenty myself, ..., the expression that seemed to be different seems to violate a baby in ..., the truth, and a waist closes a little. Feeling ... which is this long silence will be too real. Surely the gasp voice of an imprisoned daughter will be such a feeling. The quality of being NATIゃNNNO RORI is seriously dangerous. Both the SUQQU water and the plain clothes are fetish fetishs. It is the work for RORI enthusiasts with the body with the face. I evaluate it high more whether a reaction is slightly too light if it is big and starts a voice just a little. Even if RORI is good, how is the tuna state a thing? When I do not have you feel it as such because it is AV. It is disappointing that there is hair. I am sorry that it is on the small side. I am sorry that it is dark. I liked RORI, but there was the feeling that a reaction had bad and did not sprout enough. I was considered to be it, but the feeling to remain it was disappointing. The material wants you to do your best more because it is good. It was a negative point that an image was at twilight time. Most of the makeup will not have it, but are not so pretty. The Slender slight milk is passable. It is slightly better than the first VIP. I waited! I like Minami Ogura University! It is already eternal preservation. Do you not flow out more? Is RORIOTAKU unmissable? Did the kana die? As for the sexual intercourse of the latter half, silent SEX without the conversation, seeing rape or the M woman horse training shows only the groan of the man and woman! It was over whether you died whether you had a pain in it whether kana was comfortable while I watched it and failed to outrun you. There should be a toy such as the kana! !How about ... stomach soup stock the last when I feel half-finished from beginning to end? I have a cute Kaai YITIゃA. When do not like RORI, this work is ..., delicate prettiness,; but a thing considerable as for the RORI degree. Because a feeling gone into mischief is real, the excitement degree rises. Even if RORI is good, how about that there is not too a reaction? The favorite one may be unbearable. SHIROWUXTUTOXTUPOSAGAYOKAXTUTADESU. It was erotic aside from a face. I appeared, but, as for the silence, the feeling dark from beginning to end, an atmosphere might be better from beginning to end when there was a reaction a little more. The girl did not have such the pretty reason, but was the work which could be excited strangely for some reason. The body was good, but was not my hobby. The favorite one may be unbearable. Silent one lets you feel some atmospheres at 95% of RORI degrees from beginning to end. It is good for a person of the RIARURORI preference not to know how I may evaluate it. I liked Minami Ogura University, but was not good enough because a tuna was in condition to put its heart and soul into real RORI.  Click here for more information on Kana Aizawa

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