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Mai Shirasaki (白咲舞)

It deviates from preference somehow. I think it to be the beautiful woman, but why is it? So that "new half is comment of somebody-like"; one vote. The chest is beautiful to a slender body and HAMERARETA expression is good, and a body and a face, makeup to feel are super dark by shin cosmetic surgery, and there is disagreeableness and is good. While doing a face to a slender body red-hot; Iku expression GATAMARIMASENNNEXE ...! I think that it is surely beautiful features, but the thin-walled body which there is not of the accent is hard to say with the unrivaled article, and the thing is a manner of speaking with Slender, but there is not charm ... which there is a falsehood in in a title. I subtract the strange pubic hairs processing and point it. A face is new half somehow-like and dislikes it. Though the body is thin, there is not an accent and. A little. When a face is new half-like all together, everybody is such reason ..., A, the truth. Mai is beautiful. I do not know whether it is an unrivaled article body, but think that the breast of slender, moderate size is enough. It is the contents which are soft relatively because it is a thing called the first half this time. Do you expect it in the latter half? Fair skin and a beautiful source man falling out are second to none. I am, and KEBA is make, but the smart face is slightly unbearable. I am sorry that her technique is uncommon for play contents. Because it is the feeling that I am too particular about a middle tool, and there is, I want a work with the technique from her to do it a little more. Because a number product has already appeared, I want to expect it in a future work. It was after a long absence and was able to watch a work of 白咲舞. I always think, but I am beautiful, and skin always shines. There is clean to take a lot of works in Mai, famous actresses. I want to lick it unintentionally. The smallish breast that the form is good for distinguished good looks. The sexual intercourse was good at the left side of the stage, but should have had onanism make the first half as constitution. Is a beautiful woman, and is slender, and sulk for preference; ... Is the disposal of half-finished lower hair only ...? I think that you should shave it neatly rather. Is a clean pie, a man,; but form (?) of the hair But, ... not good enough. Though the tide is splendid, too; ... not good enough KEBAYI makeup. Mai whom I outran by a stamp stamp animation to the full from morning is beautiful. I want to take the tide of Mai to a whole body. It was an unbearable work for a Slender enthusiast. I like faces. I am pretty without words. Make, the styling are above the standard, too. 白咲舞 was the actress who liked it in a beautiful woman, beautiful milk, beautiful men, but thought whether some this work makeup was dark. Because a model is setting, there may be no help for it. Without because is a swimsuit by linkage in the latter half in the first half, and the flow called the BAYIBURE-TA-RE-TA- torture was short to swell enough, reaching the perfect score evaluation; ...  Click here for more information on Mai Shirasaki

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