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Mai Shimizu (清水まい)

The work with story characteristics wants you to demand reality as such. I cannot be excited. Though I endure it because the lines reading in a singsong manner of Mai Chan is pretty, it is Japanese spaniel co-what of the father or thinks that it is the pretty actress who does not want to see it, but is not interested in this strike Lee. An actor of the part of this father is something like warm water of the AV world including an unpleasant appearance. I show good taste. Mai Shimizu of the part of daughter was no mark, but the beautiful fair skin which felt youth super though I did not make RORIRORI to there was able to enjoy both the story and the linkage in beautiful milk, beautiful men. The next product is a work becoming a pleasure. It is good, the near relation thing would like the mother version with a son. If there is the old man actor like the beggar of the feeling that I feel sicker, and is poor as an actress hates, it is more real and can be excited....... Sugiura is too too famous and is a selfish feeling again. Because there is SHIゅTIゅE-SHIょNN, I think that there is no help for it, but think that an actor should be young. There may be no help for it only in a title. Contents, the actor who is a wonderful person thinks a little more, and an actress expects it in a work in the latter half when I want a hand. There seemed to be story characteristics and watched it, but thought whether it was such a thing. Is next mother and an elder brother? Is it an elder brother and a younger sister? DESUKA. May you expect it? I was disappointed a little. I made an after a long absence, good plan. I was able to satisfy a camera angle and reality SA and a photography place together. Please make a better plan from now on. In addition, I thought that of course outside soup stock could set a work realistically though it was mere AV when it was Nakata because it was parent and child. I think that there may be story characteristics. This actor looks good with a position saying in this way plenty. Not only I had sex, but also was able to enjoy it with a story thing. I sometimes thought that such a work was good. A line man was good for white clothes! Though I would appoint BOXTU tree of the liver father because it is the setting that a near relation says, I feel sick with Honma. I do not want to see a body and a pee-pee of such a goddamn father. When Miss Mai does not copulate with the unpleasant one that do not come, is good; patience SHITERUNNYARONA of Ney. Anyway, never appoint the Sugiura BOXTU tree! !!Looks HAMAXAMAXA of story setting and the actress of the work was good, but dislikes an actor. I think that the composition of the camera is good. I think whether an actress should charm more rejection substantially. I received the feeling that was not good enough generally. I think it to be the thing which I did well as a story, but dissatisfaction stays for play contents. Finish is really poor with the discharge in a stomach even if I do only the straight public performance to a minimum. Ferra, outrunning you in the first half understands the buccal discharge from a way of the editing that para-. It is outdated as a flow of the stories now para-. The product becomes the problem thing as an actress for Miss Mai Shimizu, and the star is originally a negative work as it is evaluated, and I am very sorry now. There seems to be a sequel, but I feel that I cannot expect it as honesty now. Is severe; is evaluated, but, please make an even slightly good work. It is like the work with story characteristics, but there is not the reality not good enough. A girl should hate more? Feel too sick with an actor; and immediately of looking left it. Please, this fellow and Sawaki would already like it in NG. Contents were solid and were good. Mai was youthful, too and was whetted. Part-time job 2 is early and wants to see it. I am worried about development. Because he gave a good performance though I feel sick, the actor is not dissatisfied. It is five stars in TOYIWU 事. I think that there will be such a work, but have a long scene except the public performance too though I expected it in the title which can agree to a critical opinion of much one. I want that more points are good, and a feeling violating by force in a mass to finish it. I despised it, but it is up to professional standard than the quality of the drama, one of now, and the contents of the story are easy to read, and catching it in the early stages when the left nipple was disgusting in the scene in the last when is of Mai that it was good that it is easy to watch, I watched while throbbing, picking quarrel is good for the angle of the camera, and there is much up such as the combination region expects the product personally on OK, the next time. The skin of an actress is white and, aside from the story that there does not need to be in accord with the performance such as the game either, is beautiful. It is the work only for it, but is very important personally.  Click here for more information on Mai Shimizu

(Japanese people) 清水まいの無修正動画を見る

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