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Mai Shirosaki (白咲舞)

It is a chance that the style is pale-complexioned for preference. It is standard substantially, but makeup is disappointed with KEBA KUTE. I feel like being no good in a work keeping an actress alive. It is a waste. A slender fair complexion is good. I want you to make it more intense. The breast which is small-sized with a beautiful body is one and the whitening beautiful woman that the GOOD ♪ features are a half-like, but there are few styles now. Body and METIゃ which are eroticism eroticism though Mai is slender are beautiful OMEKO HAYIYINE - YARITEXE - beautiful women. I want the breast a little more. It is my selfishness. It is a beautiful woman, but features are too organized and surely receive a cold feeling. It may be better than a warm potato, but, please keep blaming you on the next time because it is the type that I want to torment. As far as when such a pretty daughter becomes an AV actress steadily, I am glad. I was pretty and was very good. The linkage was excited to see the various physique, too. I think the milk to be small in slender pale-complexioned beautiful women. Because it is lacking in intensity, contents in itself, please charm super more erotic sexual intercourse. Mmm, I do not like www personally if I like ◎ MIGA of Sasaki whether it is good either. It is Mai that I stand, and condition deals with sympathy DEKIRUWA 笑人気作品 when fully opening of TAKA feels good, but thinks that the whitening beautiful woman means such a woman. It is totally angel. I think it to be a beautiful actress with a half face. The mind that HI ◎ co-NI of MI ◎ circle GT resembles only a little is ... I thought that it was a really beautiful person, but should be fluffy a little more, picking quarrel kana was extremely usually more intense, and the face which I asked for was a half-like and was quite pretty, but there was not an accent enough, and a style was not able to be excited. I think that I am very pretty by half-like features, is the physical surely a feeling all right? The first part is the play that the content is common. It is a quite old work. It is this evaluation in contents HASORENARIDAKEDO, the one which somehow at last I did. An actress is pale-complexioned, and is preference divided?  Click here for more information on Mai Shirosaki

(Japanese people) 白咲舞の無修正動画を見る

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